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Why Should I Join??

Check out all the fun activities your membership helps PTA do! 

PTA Did That?!

~ Boo My Yard

~ Boo Grams

~ Eye Patches for Every Student 

~ Back to School Bash

~ Popsicle Party in September for Ms. Sanchez's class

~ Popsicles every Friday for the Model Mustang Class

~ Back to School Luncheon for Staff

~ New fridge, couch and coffee table for the work room

~ Meet & Greet Mustangs during the summer

~ Hey Dude Nice Shoes workshop for parents and students

~ Pizza Lunch for Staff 

~Popcorn Party in October for 4th graders winning the membership drive

~ Provided water for staff during pick up to beat the heat

~Teacher lounge makeover


PTA works to engage and empower families at Peterson Elementary. We are an organization of parents, teachers, students striving to improve our school community through programs, fundraisers and events! Join today to start making a positive difference in our community! 

Easy Ways to Support Our Mustangs

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