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OA Peterson Elementary PTA

The Peterson Elementary PTA works to engage and empower families at 
OA Peterson Elementary. We are an organization of parents/guardians, teachers, and students striving to improve our school community through programs, fundraisers, and events. 
Join PTA today and let's make a difference at OAP!

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PTA Membership Awards

Our volunteers work tirelessly to establish strong family-school partnerships in our community. Texas PTA is excited to celebrate everyone who is working to back the future of our children through these awards. All monthly membership awards are automatically calculated based on the Local PTA’s membership totals at each deadline.



"It’s an awesome way to be a part of your children’s school and actually see the difference and extreme team work that truly does make a dream work! Especially for the children. I value my spare time, but would not spend it any other way, than with the PTA! (Totally did not mean to sound like Dr. Seuss there! Lol!)"

-Josephina Bass
2022-2023 Hospitality Chair

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